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Think you got what it takes? Learn the original system as taught by Gordon Doversola directly from senior black belts who were trained at the OLD school of Okinawa-Te.


The OLD School of OKINAWA-TE

Okinawa-Te Founder and Grandmaster Gordon Doversola passed away in the early morning hours of April 19, 2011.  Shihan (Grandmaster) has been in a coma-like state for over a year.  Please extend your thoughts and prayers to the Doversola family.

Okinawa-Te Organization® appreciates Grandmaster Doversola for his amazing talent and wish his spirit a good journey into the light. 

Okinawa-Te Organization® was originally conceived by Gordon Doversola in the 1950's. His genius talent will continue to inspire present and new members of this unique fighting art.

Gordon Doversola was a genius martial artist equal if not superior to the likes of Bruce Lee.  Those of us who personally knew Shihan Doversola in the early years of Okinawa-Te benefited from the original teachings
and fantastic martial art system he created.                    Gordon Doversola was Okinawa-Te.

Many of us on the inside know of the unfortunate controversy, negative mindset, politics and paranoia that grew over time to hurt several members.  We loved Shihan as a teacher, father-image, and friend. Although we were imparted with fighting skills that proved superior to all other martial arts we faced, a little craziness was passed onto us too. Humorous stories and unbelievable fighting tactics were enjoyed.  It's time to unite to correctly pass-on Gordon Doversola’s Okinawa-Te to the new generations of the future.

In carrying out Shihan Doversola's wishes for the formation of Okinawa-Te Organization®, no NEW grandmaster will be appointed to replace Shihan Doversola.  Gordon Doversola is eternally the red belt grandmaster of Okinawa-Te system.  A Board of Directors made up of senior black belts may advise this organization as we move forward celebrating, teaching, training, and sharing Gordon Doversola's Okinawa-Te.

Those who were personally trained by Gordon Doversola remember when Shihan was in his prime:  Fast and uncanny.  Striking with blinding speed. Twirling like a whirlwind.  Eyes like a hawk.  Hands and fists like swords and talons.

Gordon Doversola was a great grandmaster.  Okinawa-Te was his creation.  A greater grandmaster exists.                    We are His creation.
Let's remember Gordon Doversola this humble way:

"There is only one true master
who sits above us all.
He has no need for belts or degrees.
His school is the heavens.
Those who listen hear his lecture to the earth.
For God is greater than all."

Good journey, Shihan!

- Okinawa-Te Organization®


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