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Shortly after I received my black belt in the 1970’s from Gordon Doversola, he called several of us into his office at the Canoga Park dojo. I can't recall exactly who was there, but if I'm not mistaken the meeting may have been attended by Mike Lee, Geoff Ewertz, John Hanrahan, Mark Galvin and myself.

Shihan's express instructions were: 
In the event of his death or disabling illness--NO new grandmaster will replace him. The organization will be led by a board of senior black belts.
Their duties are to share their knowledge among the members to perpetuate Gordon Doversola's Okinawa-Te system for years to come.  

There’s been some discussion about “blood lineage” managing the organization.  In the United States, we do not recognize royal families like in Saudi Arabia and Middle East countries--today those monarchies are crumbling.  Americans do not honor blood lines.  We honor, uphold and respect true knowledge, hard earned skills and wise leadership as being the requisite for allegiance and respect.  

Gordon Doversola used to say, “You have to pay your dues. See ‘I mean?”  

Those of us who knew Shihan, understood we had to EARN our belt through perseverance, blood, sweat, tears and years of sincere hard core training.  Honorary black belts bestowed upon family members do not convey the physical skills and power, mental discipline and self-control, spiritual calm,  and perception that a true martial artist EARNS from years of training.  Over the years, training develops character. No one can lead this organization without that experience.  Efforts by unqualified family members thus far have been toxic, foolishly divisive, disrespectful, and destructive to the Okinawa-Te Organization®. Those claiming the right of authority because of blood lineage have no true Okinawa-Te skills and nothing to offer our members.  

Our duty and goal is to organize and pass on this system to the generations of the future so Gordon Doversola’s Okinawa-Te Organization® will grow and flourish.  Members will learn the REAL Okinawa-Te system.
Observation of recent students and many black belts proclaiming to reflect Gordon Doversola’s Okinawa-Te System have shown that nearly everyone needs serious coaching in the correct methods of Okinawa-Te.  
Shihan would say, “Ey, ey!  Time to get in shape!”
Balance, stance, striking, blocking, and forms appear incorrect.  Persons calling themselves Okinawa-Te black belts have posted videos of their skills on the internet.  Those poor representations of Okinawa-Te should be removed--the performers look less skilled than a qualified Purple belt.  I say, “less than a qualified Purple belt, because years ago in the 1960’s and 70’s, our qualified Purple belt students were equal to brown and black belts of other styles.  
A Purple belt student from the Sunset dojo wrote us a letter--if I remember correctly his name was Eladio Padron.  Eladio had to move his family to another state because he got a new job.  In his new neighborhood,  there was only a Shotokan karate school.  After Eladio joined the Shotokan school, he sparred with the class members, then performed the Falling Leaf kata.  Guess what happened?  The Shotokan instructor promoted our Okinawa-Te Purple belt student to a Shotokan Brown belt in less than a month.  That’s how good a qualified Purple belt was from the OLD school of Okinawa-Te.  Shihan got a big laugh over that letter--it was a great compliment for his creation of Okinawa-Te system.   
As teenage kids and young adult students of Gordon Doversola’s, we built the name and reputation of Okinawa-Te over many years of painful training.  Gordon Doversola created Okinawa-Te.  His original students created Okinawa-Te’s reputation by implementing, modifying and putting Okinawa-Te combat theories to the test in full contact fighting, sport karate competition, and real-life self-defense encounters.  
When I was a beginning student learning how to spar, my ribs were fractured and broken 4 times. Shihan used to wrap my rib cage with duct tape.  It hurt to laugh or cough.  I couldn’t easily turn over in bed to sleep because of the sharp, piercing pain.  My ankles, thighs and legs were bruised and swollen so bad I couldn’t walk upstairs to my home. I had to use crutches to hobble to school.  My hand was bent and ripped backward, farther than my tendons could stand.  Through all that pain I wanted to quit, but I kept pressing on.  Pain caused pansies to leave, but warriors stayed at the dojo to conquer their fears.  
In 1972, I relocated to Northern California where I opened a branch school of Okinawa-Te Organization®.  Within a few years, I added over 5 branch Okinawa-Te locations in Northern and Southern California.  We developed a reputation as the most aggressive martial arts style in the area. Anyone who hoped to learn realistic martial arts skills came to train in Okinawa-Te. 
In the 1970’s, my Okinawa-Te school was constantly challenged by Kenpo and Tae Kwon Do schools that surrounded us.  At that time, I recently opened the Modesto dojo and didn’t have any upper ranked members beyond Purple belt.  But I knew that Gordon Doversola’s Okinawa-Te was a superior martial art that I could easily teach to new members.  
To prove the combat superiority of Okinawa-Te over opposing styles, I took my White belt students with less than 3-months of training to face the challengers at the Moore’s Karate Open Martial Arts Tournament.  Moore’s Karate was a chain of Kenpo-Karate dojos similar to Ed Parker’s Kenpo-Karate schools, a nationwide chain in the 1960’s through the 1980’s.  An Open tournament meant it was an invitation to all martial arts schools to enter the competition in forms (kata), and sparring (kumite).  Moore’s Karate used its sponsorship of the tournament as a business tool to recruit new members into Moore’s Karate studios.  
Okinawa-Te entered the tournament with just a handful of White belt and Purple belt students.  Dave Harvey, a 20-year old with only one month of Okinawa-Te training knocked down every opponent he faced in his division with a smashing reverse punch to the body.  Nearly all the students won a trophy, except for the students that were disqualified for excessive contact.  Chris Lockhart, a 9-year old, 3-month White belt student, won first place in the children’s sparring division.  Dave Yonan, a Purple belt student won the Grand Championship Trophy.  James David, a Purple belt, won the kata award for the Falling Leaf. Rick Basacker, a beginner, just recently learned how to punch--he won the Full Contact Trophy and a $200 cash prize, embarrassing the entire Moore’s Karate system.  That day we walked away with 8 trophies and a reputation that spread.  Moore’s Karate never held an Open Tournament again.
 During the 1970’s, I competed in the AAU elimination trials for the Olympics.  My students also became local, state and nationally ranked champions in their belt class and divisions.  
The fighting methods I taught to my students ARE the superior fighting skills taught to me by Gordon Doversola.  I passed on my Okinawa-Te skills correctly to my students.  I want to make certain that you continue to do the same. 
You have a choice to be part of this NEW beginning, to finally develop yourselves into gaining the superior black belt skills the members of the OLD school of Okinawa-Te possess-- to accurately, proudly, and humbly represent the fantastic fighting system created by Gordon Doversola.  

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Glen Hoyen
Chief Instructor - Okinawa-Te System, USA

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15 year old Gary Lowrey at Okinawa-Te, Modesto 1974

Glen Hoyen practices the Okinawa-Te side-kick

Los Angeles 1968

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